F037 National framework agreement for the Provision of Carbon and Energy Infrastructure Upgrade Services to Ireland 
End Date: 20 June 2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 211-438822 
Working with the Carbon and Energy Fund Ireland Ltd, this delivers infrastructure upgrades to the public sector in Eire that guarantee energy, carbon and cost savings with no upfront fees and access to specialist expertise. 
F062 Non-Wire Lesion Localisation & Sentinel Lymph Node Location Products 
End Date: 19 December 2023 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 248-615295 
A multi-supplier multi-lot framework allowing quick and compliant purchase of non-wire lesion localisation and sentinel lymph node location products. 
F068 Managed office administration services & the supply of office equipment and consumables 
End Date: 26.05.24 OJEU Ref: 2020/S 106-258355 
A straightforward way to source office equipment and consumables, through either a fully managed service with monthly payments or transactional provision via secure online catalogues. 
DPS05 Healthcare Laundry & Linen Services 
End Date: 31.03.24 OJEU Ref: 2020/S 037-088827 
Easy access to a range of NHS and private-sector solutions to meet the changing needs of healthcare bodies 

F057 Business Mobility Solutions and Fuel Management  

End Date: 10.11.23 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 176-428603 
An easy to use way to procure one or a number of Business Mobility Solutions & Fuel Management services including Driver Licence Checking, Compliance & grey fleet management, Expenses management, Fuel Cards & Fuel Management, Telematics Management, Data Management, Transition Management and Mobility Management 

DPS03 Occupational Health Services 

End Date: 31.01.2024 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 211-517136 
A straightforward and compliant way for NHS authorities and other public sector bodies to contract for Occupational Health Services.  

F026 Radiology Capacity Management Services 

End Date: 21.01.2024 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 210-513450 
Comments: Reduce costs and increase efficiency through effective capacity management and utilisation of resources. This will reduce waiting lists and improve patient pathways. 
Available through partnerships 
Stairlifts & Lifting Equipment 
End date: 30th April 2022 
Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), organisations must ensure the safety of end users and operatives by maintaining efficient management of all lifting equipment. Consortium Procurement's Stairlift and Lifting Equipment framework covers design, install, testing/inspection and servicing/maintenance. 
Lot 1 – Design/supply, install and servicing/maintenance of specialist lifting products 
Lot 2 – Testing/examination and servicing/maintenance only of stairlifts through floor and platform lifts 
Lot 3 – Testing/examination and servicing/maintenance only of hoists and slings tested, examined and serviced/maintained following their expired warranty periods 
Asbestos Legionella and Mould Management Services 
End Date: March 2024 
Lot 1 – Asbestos Management 
Lot 2 – Legionella Management 
Lot 3 – Mould Management 
Lot 4 – Asbestos, Legionella and Mould Fully Managed Service 
Technology Enabled Care Services 
End date: 1st December 2023 
Drawing upon unrivalled expertise and knowledge of this critical service area, Consortium Procurement has provided a trusted, compliant and easy-to-access route for members to procure their telecare requirements for over 30 years. 
Lot 1 – Product Catalogue 
Lot 2 – Installation, Service/Maintenance and Repair 
Lot 3 – Call Monitoring and Mobile Response 
Lot 4 – Consultancy 
Furniture Services 
End date: September 2023  
Furniture Services framework which allows for purchase of furniture for offices as well as key worker accommodation. 
Lot 1 – Purchase & Installation of office, home and specialist furniture 
Lot 2 – Lease & Installation of office, home and specialist furniture 
Electronic Payment Services 
End date: 31st July 2023 
Consortium Procurement's Electronic Payment Services framework offers your customers various easily accessible payment methods. Using the latest technologies, and a range of network access points nationwide, the framework assists in the income management process. 
Passenger Lifts 
End date: 30th June 2023 
With the consideration of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, Consortium Procurement's Passenger Lifts framework has been developed to provide organisations with a cost effective solution to the installation and management of passenger lifts. 
Passenger Lifts framework covers Installation, Service, Maintenance and Repair. Consultancy and LOLER Inspections are also included. 
Lot 1 – Consultancy 
Lot 2 – Design, supply, installation and/or refurbishment of Passenger Lifts 
Lot 3 – Servicing and repair of Passenger Lifts 
Lot 4 – Thorough examinations (LOLER inspections) 
Fire Safety 
End date: 5th March 2022 
With our extensive fire safety standards and regulations here in the UK, it has never been more crucial for organisations to remain invested in their fire safety. Consortium Procurement's framework is designed to make the entire process as streamline as possible for organisations, as well as being fully compliant with UK/EU legislation. 
Framework covers Design, Install and Maintenance of Fire Protection services including Fire Doors, Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems, Firefighting equipment, and Emergency lighting. 
Property Safety & Security 
End date: 30th April 2023 
Consortium Procurement's new Property Safety & Security framework aims to assist organisations with their responsibility to ensure the places people work and live are safe and secure. The framework will include extensive products and services to aid this, as well as being fully compliant with UK/EU laws. 
Property Safety and Security framework covers a variety of elements such as CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Door Entry, Electrical Testing and Security Guards. 

Our Framework Clients 

Our clients come from across the NHS and the wider public sector and include acute, community, mental health and ambulance trusts, Welsh Health Boards, schools, universities and Community Interest Companies. 

Our Framework Suppliers and Partners 

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