Our Healthcare Framework Agreements 

Our framework agreements aim to offer public sector organisations unique access points to goods and services which offer innovation and savings at no cost to access. To learn more please contact us for a briefing pack. 

F066 Provision of Sterile Services and Endoscopy Decontamination Facility Solutions 
End Date: 28.02.2025 Find a Tender Service Ref: 2021/S 000-005923 
A solution for NHS organisations wishing to invest in the development of new in-house Sterile Services and Endoscopy Decontamination facilities. 
F026 Radiology Capacity Management Service 
End Date: 21.01.2024 OJEU Ref: 2020/S 023-052444 
Cost effective, responsive, innovative Radiology Capacity Solutions service which is flexible and adaptable to requirements. 

F064 Decontamination Solutions (HPV, UVC and Electrostatic) 

End Date: 17.12.2024 OJEU Ref: 2021/S 013-029385 
This multi-supplier national framework agreement offers hydrogen peroxide vapour, ultraviolet-C and electrostatic solutions to effectively decontaminate a variety of areas and reduce healthcare associated infections. Options including purchase, lease or rental of systems, emergency cleaning services and regular planned cleaning services are available 

F044 On-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions 

End Date: 12.11.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 216-449685 
Maximise in-house surgical and/or medical capacity to supplement the delivery of patient care. 

F048 Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Services & Equipment  End Date: 31.10.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 159-364755  Access professional intraoperative neuromonitoring services to support surgeons aiming to optimise patient treatment and minimise risks during complex surgery or purchase state-of-the-art neuromonitoring equipment for your clinicians. 

DPS01 Off-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions  End Date: 14.10.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 145-332193  Access external capacity to remove unnecessary delay in treatment, delivering treatment that is safe and effective in certified premises. 

DPS02 Decontamination and Sterilisation Services of Reusable Surgical and Medical Instruments, Devices and Equipment Dynamic Purchasing System 
End Date: 30 June 2023 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 068-159833 
Comments: A straightforward and compliant way to contract for Sterile Services requirements. 
F058 National Framework Agreement for Occupational Health Services 
End Date: 23 September 2023 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 112-275124 
This multi-supplier national framework offers Occupational Health Services which will allow NHS authorities and other public sector bodies to procure via direct award with a catalogue call-off mechanism. 
F062 Non-Wire Lesion Localisation & Sentinel Lymph Node Location Products 
End Date: 19 December 2023 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 248-615295 
A multi-supplier multi-lot framework allowing quick and compliant purchase of non-wire lesion localisation and sentinel lymph node location products. 
DPS03 Occupational Health Services Dynamic Purchasing System 
End Date: 31 January 2024 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 211-517136 
Access to occupational health services for those organisations that want to run a competition to award a contract. 
DPS05 Healthcare Laundry & Linen Services Dynamic Purchasing System 
End Date: 31 March 2024 OJEU Ref: 2020/S 037-088827 
Access to a range of modern and efficient laundry and linen services from NHS and private-sector providers. 
DPS09 - Air Purification, Decontamination and Isolation Systems 
End Date: 13 June 2025 FTS Ref: 2021/S 000-006156 
A straightforward and compliant way to purchase air purification and decontamination systems, and temporary patient isolation units, creating safer environments for staff and service users. 
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