Our Software & Systems Framework Agreements 

Our framework agreements aim to offer public sector organisations unique access points to goods and services which offer innovation and savings at no cost to access. To learn more please contact us for a briefing pack. 

F050 Digital Transformation Solutions 

End Date: 31.10.2022 OJEU Ref: 2019/S 031-070302 
Comments: The purpose of this Framework is to enable the provider to supply agile technological solutions whilst working with organisations to deliver innovation based on user experience and desired outcomes. 

F015 Contract and Asset Lifecycle Management 

End Date: 20.03.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 052-115618 
Comments: Access industry leading specialist procurement services to out-source and manage your maintenance portfolio and assets. 

F033 Real Time Healthcare Tracking and Patient Flow Systems 

End Date: 31 October 2026 OJEU Ref: 2020/S 135-333691 
Comments: This framework is designed to offer visibility to clinicians and hospital management on the whereabouts and status of patients, beds, assets and staff across the network of care. 

F041 Pharmacy Robotic Automated Dispensing Systems 

End Date: 02.08.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 085-165360 
Comments: This framework has expired. Pharmacy Robotic Automated Dispensing Systems are available through Lot 4 of our comprehensive Total Inventory Management Systems framework (F063) below. 
F053 Managed Video Conferencing Solutions 
End Date: 28 February 2023 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 229-524123 
Comments: This multi-supplier national framework offers Managed Video Conferencing Solutions and Telemedicine and Tele-consultation Solutions via direct award. 
F063 Total Inventory Management Systems 
End Date: 23 August 2024 OJEU Ref: 2020/S 096-230678 
Comments: This multi-supplier multi-lot national framework offers a complete range of inventory management systems to suit all needs via direct award. 
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