Our Corporate Services Agreements 

Our framework agreements aim to offer public sector organisations unique access points to goods and services which offer innovation and savings at no cost to access. To learn more please contact us for a briefing pack. 

DPS04 Retail Outlets Multi Supplier National Dynamic Purchasing System 
OJEU Notice ref: 2019/S 128-313204 
End Date 30 June 2025 
The DPS has been designed to support Contracting Authorities with each step in their journey in establishing a commercial lease contract for retail and café outlets. (Note: It is not designed for selecting providers for service contracts or concession contracts.) 
F072 Waste Management and Minimisation 
End date: 4th July 2025 Find a Tender Service Ref 2021/S 000-015778 
A multi-lot, multi-supplier national framework agreement to procure waste management services with a focus on waste minimisation and environmentally solutions. 
F049 Financial Services 
End Date: 15.11.2024 with option to extend to 15.11.2026 
FTS Ref: 2022/S 000-032443 
The framework will provide NHS authorities and other public sector bodies with a variety of financial services, including a managed service for financial services and a range of specialist spend analysis and review services to minimise costs and maximise savings. 
F031 Managed Service of Technology Assets 
End Date: 13th September 2024 
OJEU REF: 2020/S 182-440913 
This framework will allow NHS authorities and public bodies to procure integrated technology products, software solutions and managed services. The NHS and wider public sector need security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and customise, whilst also remaining accessible for employees to use. 
F039 Tail End Management 
End Date: 8th November 2024 OJEU REF: 2020/S 222-547542 
This framework offers a fully managed service for the purchase and management of tail end purchase order spend, including medical, non medical and ad hoc supplies and services. 
F065 Workforce Transformation Solutions 
End date: 14th March 2025 OJEU Ref 2021/S 055-140253 
This framework will provide Clients with a range of tools and solutions to deliver measurable improvements in all areas of workforce management. The Supplier will act as partner to support and facilitate a workforce transformation journey using a platform that consists of 14 interoperable technology and service modules designed to digitise the NHS People Plan. 
F029 Healthcare Output and Content Management System 
End Date: 1st December 2024 OJEU ref: 2023/S 000-032440 
This Framework provides complaint route to market for a Healthcare Output & Content Management System that provides organisations with a single access point to easily manage silos of information sitting in multiple best of breed clinical systems and various storage media and enable migration to an entire digital information platform 
DPS08 Innovative Waste Solutions 
End date: 19th September 2025 Find a Tender Service Ref 2021/S 000-016683 
A range of suppliers offering innovative solutions for the management, minimisation and/or disposal of waste to improve sustainability and reduce your organisation’s environmental impact. 
F022 Payroll and Pension Services 
End Date: 28 February 2027 (including optional extensions of 1+1 year). 
FTS Ref: 2022/S 000-032744 
This multi-supplier national framework offers access to an all-encompassing payroll and pension service within a single cost per payslip and no penalty charges via direct award. 
DPS07 Audit and Assurance Services 
End date: 21st March 2025 Find a Tender Service Ref 2021/S 000-002416 
A dynamic purchasing system to appoint suppliers of 
Internal audit & assurance services, 
External (statutory) audit services, 
Counter-fraud & investigation services and/or 
Other independent assurance services 
F068 Managed office administration services & the supply of office equipment and consumables 
End date: 26th May 2024 OJEU Ref 2020/S 106-258355 
This framework offers fully managed office administration services, with fixed monthly payments & transactional supply of office equipment, and supply of consumables via secure online catalogues. 
F045 Fixed Fee Procurement Project Delivery Service 
End Date: 31st March 2026 
FTS Ref: 2022/S 2022-041533 
This framework agreement offers the provision of a fixed fee procurement project delivery service, giving users the opportunity to cover peaks in workload without the need to take on extra staff, and thus reducing costs. Suppliers work with clients to deliver a procurement service that complies with all internal policies and procedures, government procurement policy and all applicable procurement regulations. 
F075 Provision of Data Validation Services 
End Date: 3 May 2025 Find a Tender Ref: 2021/S 000-004770 
A range of suppliers who can provide expert assistance for data validation prior to the Client’s planned migration of its legacy PAS to a modern EPR system. 
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