Our Framework Agreements 

Our framework agreements aim to offer public sector organisations unique access points to goods and services which offer innovation and savings at no cost to access. To learn more please contact us for a briefing pack. 

F050 National Framework for the Provision of Digital Transformation Solutions 

End Date: 31.10.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 166-378728 
Comments: The purpose of this Framework is to enable the provider to supply agile technological solutions whilst working with organisations to deliver innovation based on user experience and desired outcomes. 

F049 National Framework for the Provision of Financial Services 

End Date: 20.09.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 139-317945 
Comments: This framework is designed to offer a simplified approach to the provision of financial services and to deliver risk free pricing models for high quality services. The framework encompasses all standard elements of financial services and includes a single cost per invoice for accounts payable. 

F004 Framework for Salary Sacrifice (Personal and Home Technology) Schemes 

End Date: 23.11.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 175-358500 
Offer staff benefit salary sacrifice schemes, whilst reducing your organisations NI and Pension bill. 

F005 Framework for the Provision of Natural Gas (Flexible Energy) 

End Date: 31.03.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 090-202681 
Comments: A flexible and alternative way to purchase wholesale gas. 

F015 Framework for the Provision Contract and Asset Lifecycle Management 

End Date: 20.03.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 052-115618 
Comments: Access industry leading specialist procurement services to out-source and manage your maintenance portfolio and assets. 

F017 Framework for the Provision of Managed Service for Office Administration 

End Date: 24.07.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 147-336998 
Comments: Unique way to out-source the management of office supplies, print, mail, toner and shredding, resulting in the ability to guarantee savings against these categories through adoption of a fixed fee supply and service model. 

F021 Framework for the Supply of Electricity 

End Date: 31.03.2020 OJEU Ref: 2015/S 229-416547 
Comments: Through the appointed energy partner, Flexible Energy Management Ltd, organisations will have the opportunity to take advantage of beneficial rates gained through the wholesale electricity market. 

F022 Framework for the Provision of Payroll and Pension Services 

End Date: 31.03.2019 OJEU Ref: 2015/S 020-032482 
Comments: Access an all-encompassing payroll and pension service within a single cost per payslip and no penalty charges. 

F023 Framework for the Provision of Carbon and Energy Infrastructure Upgrade Services 

End Date: 19.03.2024 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 067-149276 
Comments: In conjunction with the Carbon and Energy Fund Ltd (CEF), this will deliver infrastructure upgrades that guarantee energy, carbon and cost savings. With a proven track record and in-depth experience of procurement, engineering, legal and finance, CEF is the only organisation that successfully guides Public Sector clients through the complex processes involved. 

F024 Framework for the Provision of Inventory and Cost Management System 

End Date: 31.08.2019 OJEU Ref: 2015/S 172-313471 
Comments: Drive efficiency into your supply chain management through our single supplier framework delivering an all-encompassing fully vendor managed and integrated inventory and cost analysis system. 

F026 Framework for the Provision of Radiology Capacity Management Services 

End Date: 21.01.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 047-078555 
Comments: Reduce costs and increase efficiency through effective capacity management and utilisation of resources. This will reduce waiting lists and improve patient pathways. 

F027 Framework for the Supply of a Sleep Mask for the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macula Oedema 

End Date: 18.01.2020 OJEU Ref: 2015/S 226-411019 
Comments: Achieve cost savings and improve patient pathways through the use of the Noctura Sleep Mask. Patient experience is improved through the use of a non-invasive treatment administered at home. 

F028 Framework for the Supply of Primary Hip Replacement Implants 

End Date: 31.03.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 079-140056 
Comments: Free to access framework providing ODEP Modular Hip Systems for under £500. 

F029 Framework for the Provision of Healthcare Content Management Systems 

End Date: 06.03.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 049-081728 
Comments: This system provides a user friendly single log on to access and manage complex clinical data, therefore reducing costs and increasing efficiency through effective data access and management. 

F031 Framework for the Provision of a Secure Managed Service of Technology Assets 

End Date: 12.06.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 090-161744 
Comments: A fully out-sourced managed service to transfer risk and reduce spend. This framework covers the provision of technology hardware, consultancy, security, workflow, storage and support. 

F033 Real Time Healthcare Tracking and Patient Flow Systems Framework 

End Date: 18.08.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 197-355312 
Comments: This framework is designed to offer visibility to clinicians and hospital management on the whereabouts and status of patients, beds, assets and staff across the network of care. 

F039 Tail End Management Framework 

End Date: 29.12.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 200-360874 
Comments: This framework offers a fully managed service for the purchase and management of tail end purchase order spend, including medical, non-medical and ad hoc supplies and services. 

F040 UVC Cleaning Framework 

End Date: 05.12.2020 OJEU Ref: 2016/S 187-335362 
Comments: This multi-supplier national framework offers UVC cleaning solutions designed to reduce healthcare-associated infections including MRSA and C-Difficile. 

F041 The Supply of Pharmacy Robotic Automated Dispensing Systems 

End Date: 02.08.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 085-165360 
Comments: This multi-supplier national framework enables Trusts to procure Pharmacy Automation. Automated robotic systems improve accuracy, safety, speed and efficiency of medication dispensing. 

F042 Smart Building Solutions Framework 

End Date: 25.04.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 023-040651 
Comments: This single supplier national framework agreement is designed to offer monitoring and control of energy usages, building occupancy and visibility of assets. 

F044 On-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions 

End Date: 12.11.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 216-449685 
Maximise in-house surgical and/or medical capacity to supplement the delivery of patient care. 

F045 Fixed Fee Procurement Project Delivery Services 

End Date: 19.11.2021 OJEU Ref: 2017/S 237 - 492530 
Cover peaks in workload without the need to take on extra staff, and thus reduce costs. Suppliers will work with clients to deliver a procurement service that complies with all internal policies and procedures, government procurement policy and UK/EU procurement regulations. 

F048 Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Services & Equipment  End Date: 31.10.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 159-364755  Access professional intraoperative neuromonitoring services to support surgeons aiming to optimise patient treatment and minimise risks during complex surgery or purchase state-of-the-art neuromonitoring equipment for your clinicians.   DOWNLOAD FLYER  DOWNLOAD LIST OF ELIGIBLE USERS 

DPS01 Off-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions  End Date: 14.10.2022 OJEU Ref: 2018/S 145-332193  Access external capacity to remove unnecessary delay in treatment, delivering treatment that is safe and effective in certified premises.   DOWNLOAD FLYER  DOWNLOAD LIST OF ELIGIBLE USERS 

Our Framework Clients 

Our clients come from across the NHS and the wider public sector and include acute, community, mental health and ambulance trusts, Welsh Health Boards, schools, universities and Community Interest Companies. 

Our Framework Suppliers and Partners 

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